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She has all the skills to be a Waifu! What I like most about her is how awesome she is without even knowing it! She's also very different from other girls in anime because she is so beautiful and she thinks she is the ugliest thing on the planet! She changed ever since a guy rejected her feelings and she became a horror movie, welcome to the dark side lover. Sunako is such a Wallflower I love it!

Anime: The Wallflower❤

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i love this anime!!! the art was weird at first but now i think it's funny!!!
@koifries Haha yay someone whose seen it! Its so funny everytime she jas a nose bleed from just looking at those guys lol😆
The anime was hilarious xD I mean, all the good looking dudes with their smoking hot lips GLORIOUS XD
@InVinsybll Yes! Lol mainly because it shows that they're not perfect which makes you like the character more
@AimeBolanos I feel that. some characters I like specifically because they're a little messed up
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