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Jimin has Tae on a leash while listening to 1Verse

Tae becomes Jimin's puppy

Jimin trying to film Tae changing + Tae giving us an almost strip tease

I already spoke about BTS being kinky (here)...but Vmin take it to another level...I almost had a panic attack during trig class when he started stripping
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Soooo, it looks like they are in a hotel room... Is a collar and leash something they usually pack when they travel??? πŸ˜³πŸ˜‚
...and is there a YouTube vid w subs available for that leash moment? 😜
@clandrea170 thank you, gonna check it out! OMG, I haven't been able to get that image of them out of my mind in the past few hours since I viewed your card!!! What have you done to me?!?! And yeah, it doesn't help that Jimin is my Ult. bias. And...it's no wonder Army's are made up of a good % of perverts-they do this to us!!!!
kinky af 😍