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Over the past couple of years, the relationship between press and players has been very sour.
One of the big issues is the way they handle post-game interviews. Recently Panthers head coach stood up for his players and said they shouldn't have to conduct post-game interviews after the Super Bowl.
“You know what? He just went through a tough experience. Are we all going to be at our best if we go through a tough experience? We’re not."
Rivera then suggested having only the head coach speak for the team after losing the Super Bowl.
“So let’s just take the guy that is best-suited to do it and let him handle it," the 2015 NFL Coach of the Year said. “Let him make those answers and corrections and talk about it. To me, that’s really what we should be looking at."
Ron may have a point on this one. I have been in post-game sessions, and many journalists ask questions in a certain manner purposely to needle the player. They attempt to make him slip up and say something out of frustration to create a headline. These are the moments Ron Rivera is trying to avoid.
I mean is it really far-fetched to have the press wait until the next morning for interviews with players? I think coaches should be enough for right after the game.

Should NFL players have to conduct post game interviews immediately after the Super Bowl?

It's not like they committed a crime for not talking to the media after a loss!
I think they should, but not right after the game. Maybe a few hours later so they can calm down. People say things they wish they could take back in the heat of the moment like Cam Cameron. I know so many people that said he was wrong for acting that way but I honestly think the reporter who kept asking him the same question only slightly different was out of line. Thats one of the reasons he blew up ya know?
@straightshooter personally, I think a 1-2 hour break for the players to shower and cool down is cool for the Super Bowl, shorter wait time on other games though
@straightshooter I agree, the game is about entertainment, but post game interviews are suppose to be about getting insight on the game, not pushing him over the edge after a heated game
Well I don't think it should be enforced but they definitely can man up and even though they might not be in the best mood possible, the fans definitely wants to know what's up!
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