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So, I'm in love with Dean's music! And these new MVs just made me love him even more! I didn't know about Dean until the beginning of 2016 and I regret not knowing about him before! The song that caught my interest was "Pour Up" which came out last year.
Bonnie and Clyde, we all know the story of this legendary couple right?? Well, in the music video, there's a lot going on, from the crazy acid trips to Dean shooting himself and killing his Bonnie. The video is kind of dark and twisted, which I love! The song is amazing too!
"Half Moon" is kind of soft and a little edgy as well. The production of both songs and MVs is incredible! That's something you don't really see from music in North America now is it?! Lol.
If anyone hasn't checked Dean out yet, you're definitely missing out! So I totally suggest you guys do so!!! I'm glad I did for sure!!!!