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Hey guys, back with more fantasy baseball updates to help everyone prep for their upcoming drafts!
First base is one of the few positions in fantasy baseball that has a fair amount of depth. You can find great sources of power in a handful of spots. With that being said, there are few that have multiple category value.
Paul Goldschmidt is one of the elite guys available. While many will take Trout or Harper first, PG could emerge from the pack as the best of the bunch.
In 2015, PG posted a statline of a 321 AVG with 33HR and 110 RBI.
While those are stellar numbers, the other categories are what make him a fantasy god. In 2015, he stole 21 bases. That's AMAZING for a first baseman. His on-base % was 435, also spectacular for his position. That means he has great discipline at the plate.
If that wasn't enough, the pieces around him are young and getting better. This means teams will have to pitch at him this year. Combine that with this somewhat shaky pitching in his division, and he could be in for an MVP caliber season.

Will Paul Goldschmidt emerge as the best fantasy baseball player in 2016?

@Starbell808 Always looking out for the best looking baseball players haha
Incredible one base percentage...
@mchlyang lol yup i sure am
MVP caliber for sure and I would've picked him in the first round if I had the chance.....
cutie lol