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The website What A Culture decided to put up a few character that they feel are the best Assassins in Marvel. (Crying Freeman, one of my favorite Anime movies, I saw this when I was super young. Along with this Anime called Baoh good old VHS watching with my brother!)
According to MTV, these are DC top assassins below!
Below is Anime list collected by honeyfeed.com about the shows that the best assassins.

Please feel free to add to the list in the comments section below. You know how the Internet goes, they are always missing something or they just skip over stuff period. Like I was surprised that Electra was not listed with Marvel lol. So feel free to add and tag people so we can get an awesome assassin list!

Merc with a Mouth freelancing Ms. Wade Wilson
@LAVONYORK Yelena Belova too! (Lol I can't remember the finger lady's name but I remember her too)
@shannonl5 now that I think harder about Marvel, they are missing a lot of assassins. Like Lady Deathstrike, the chick with the crazy fingers lol.
@LAVONYORK agreed!
DC I pretty much think they got it right
@shannonl5 I was shocked her or Psylocke was not there. They are definitely missing a few.
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