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Hey you guys, this is the last member of BtoB. Sungjae also known as BtoB's maknae. Lets learn some things about him
Basic Facts:
Name- Yook Sung Jae
Birth Date- May 2, 1995
Position- Vocalist, Rapper, Maknae
Specialties- Vocals, Speaking Japanese
1. His favorite sport is snowboarding
2. His dream was to become a ballad vocalist
3. He is the tallest member of the group
4. Ideal type is a girl who is cute, thoughtful, and enthusiastic
Here's a clip of him singing. His voice will literally change your life, whether you consider that good or bad its up to you. But for me its a great thing.
I hope you guys enjoyed learning more about Sungjaje and the rest of BTOB! Please support thier comeback that will be coming March 28th. Please suggest more underrated groups for me to do. @IsoldaPazo @Sammie99522 @AyameTenchu @Mercedesbenz98 @oritzwendy17 @MelissaGarza @PrettieeEmm @drummergirl691 @sherrysahar @P1B2Bear @NekoYoongi @SHINee808 @axosrain @TerraToyaSi @Starbell808 @twistedPuppy @DominiqueWhitak @MichelleIbarra @DasiaB @MichelleIbarra @JaxomB @GriseldaZenger
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lol @JaxomB oh i need to finish that i will thanks
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@AlexAckerman Sorry if I just blew up your notifications lol
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@JohnEvans lol You're fine thank you! ^^~
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@AlexAckerman You're welcome!
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I suddenly became a fan of Sungjae after watching Who are You. So cuuuteee!
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