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Gummyz! We all know that usually Kdramas and Kpop go hand in hand....for some! I haven't yet seen HUNDREDS of dramas because they are too many and I have a very picky side!!! So I just finished Scholar Who Walks The Night......and oh man!
I was dreading to finish this because it was SO GOOD the characters.....the kind of cheesy plot and the VAMPIRES!!! I love anything fantasy (romance and comedy as well) so this was a great pick!!

I know this finished a year ago but, if you haven't seen it well I highly recommend it so... THERE WILL BE SPOILERS BECAUSE I WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT!!!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!

The ending is what killed was REALLY difficult to hold back my tears. We all know that Gwi is supposed to die but, not the scholar!! It really hit you aren't going to have a happy ending??!! I mean Soo hyuk, Gwi was my favorite character.... HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE THIS MAN!!! His voice is what got to me but, the way he portrayed Gwi was amazing! I think it's just me but I felt really bad for him once he stated he was going to be King because that's when everything pretty much was falling into place. The MOMENT he started showing FEELINGS was when I truly pitied him a bit.... Episode 19 is where it got to know the part I am talking about? When he accidentally kills the Queen (who's name has slipped me) That rage and despair broke me to the core....sure he had a weird way of showing he may have cared for her. I mean 10 yrs may not be a long time for him but you could tell...YOU COULD TELL!! How he told told her that he wanted her to be by his side for a thousand years.....but it didn't happen T~T (even if it was to hate him) He almost cried?!?!? Gwi almost cried!!! Fast forward and now he had killed EVERYONE in the palace....that for me was sad. How he yelled at the Queens father saying that she just died and he is so indifferent...that thats how humans are???!!! Gwi you really made me love you even more..... The final battle was awesome! But again the ending killed me!!! How Gwi looks at the sunlight as he is burning and says It really is beautiful (or something like that) imagine just the sun killed him and it was rather peaceful, even though the palace was crumbling.....
I haven't watched a single Historical drama but this seems really good!!! I'm gonna have to give it a shot and expand my horizons lol
nah i flt bad for Gwi to and i felt sad when he died ..... like he completely broke down when myung hee was such a good drama i love it
I also loved this drama.