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They deserve our support every day of the year.

Not just on Veterans' Day. And while lots of people want to give their support, we're not always sure how. So here are a few awesome things you can do to give thanks to the people that risk their lives for their country.


If you've got some free time (or are lucky enough to work for a company that makes volunteering part of their company culture), consider giving your support to an organization that supports military vets.
Disabled American Veterans (DAV)- Volunteer to give a ride to someone in need!
Canine Companions for Independence- They help train service dogs for people who need them and have lots of volunteer ops!
The VA hospitals are always in need to volunteers in a variety of positions!
Register with - There are lots of ways you can volunteer that you might not have considered! Register with them to hear about opportunities you'd be a good fit for.

Tell them you care!

Being overseas can be a really touch experience, and all the training in the world won't change that. USPS has guidelines for sending a care package to someone you know, and if you don't know anyone currently serving, you can join Soldier's Angels to be matched up with someone who would really like to hear from you!

Political support!

In addition to volunteering and voicing your support, it's important to listen to Veterans' political groups to better understand their needs- especially at the local level. The group VoteVets for example seeks to bring more veterans into political office and get accountability for those who have not supported veteran interests. You can also get involved with your local VFW to find out what kind of support they need.


If donation is more your style, CharityNavigator has a list of nonprofits that support veterans. You can see it right HERE and they sort each organization based on how transparent they are and how many of their resources go to the people they're supporting, so you'll know for sure that your donation will be in good hands.

Share your stories!

If you've volunteered before please tell us about it! Especially if you've done something that isn't on this list.