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Target has some of the best collaborations.

If you're not a fan of floral print, you will be once you see the amazing collaboration between Target and fashion brand Marimekko. The collaboration screams spring and if you don't splurge on every item, it's a must that you at least get your hands on one piece because it's just that good.
The collection is available online and in stores April 17 and the majority of the items retail for less than $50. How amazing is that? While you might have a few weeks left before you can do extreme damage, keep scrolling to see a few of the amazing pieces you'll be able to get your hands on before you know it.

Am I the only one who is literally excited for this?

This collection looks great and is giving me serious spring feels.
Oh my god that matching shorts and crop set is EVERYTHING. I'm so into neo-70's Marianne Faithful glam!
What a great collaboration! And you're right, Target tends to partner with great designers throughout the year. i like the black and white pieces the best.
that makes two of us! so obsessed @humairaa
Love everything just my style!
I like those sneakers
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