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Pokémon PickEm: Poliwrath Vs. Machamp
Hey guys! New day, new battle!
I have always had a love for battling, and was a huge fan during the red, blue and gold days. So in honor of that era, I have decided to let loose a nice run of "pick em" cards.
Basically, I will choose two random and cool pokemon to battle. You choose who you think would come out on top if you were the trainer going into battle!
Pokémon: Poliwrath
Style: Water, Fighting
-Max HP: 384
-Max Attack: 317
-Max Defense: 317
-Max Speed: 262
Cool moves: Hydro Pump, Body Slam, Surf, Psychic, Ice Beam, Blizzard
Pokémon: Machamp
Style: Fighting
-Max HP: 384
-Max Attack: 394
-Max Defense: 284
-Max Speed: 229
Cool moves: Submission, Cross Chop, Low Kick, Earthquake, Dig
Who do you think would come out on top in this battle?
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