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I know that I typically make {WW}'s but let's try something different shall we?
Gray Fullbuster: He is a superior senpai and I WILL fight anyone who says otherwise. He is from the coolest anime ever, Fairy Tail. Gray is nice, cool, and protective of his guildmates.
Powers: Just like every other Fairy Tail mage Gray has powers. He's got the power of ice which explains his 'cool' personality. I ain't taking that bad joke back 馃槑.
Side note: Gray has a stripping habit that began when he was young and in training. I'm quite glad he developed the habit because it makes the show much funnier when he's caught unintentionally naked.
Those abs tho!
PervySage is and will always be my dream sensei you learn from a legendary ninja and party with legendary chick hound what more can you want
He is a pretty 'cool' guy :3
Oh my gosh I love this! :)
@InVinsybll I can only hope I won't lol
this is a great pick. I think if Iwere going to go with anyone in FT, I'd be torn between Gray and Gajeel. if Gray was your senpai, do you think you would inherit his stripping habit?
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