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Recently I shared a card with you all about my attempt at fixing my eye brows. You can read all about that here.
What you don't know is that, even after spending almost $50 on two products, I still wasn't happy. From a distance, sure, they look good. But up close, like when you're sitting across the table from me over sushi or when I'm making a random purchase, my brows look awful. And that's because it's all too obvious from that short distance from me that they are "painted on."
So I did what any other normal person would do, I went back to buying cosmetics. This time, almost $60 worth! WTF?!?!?
After playing with the new products and with my brows, I just wanted to throw up! They just look horrid!
That's when I discovered these human hair eyebrows that attach to the skin using adhesive like eyelash glue. Made of human hair, this style that you see here is geared for men. It's extra bushy to that you can trim and shape it according to your personal preference.
While they normally run $99, they are being offered for $49 through Headcovers Unlimited.
They also offer three different styles of women's brows for the same price as the men's.
I am going to buy a set of the lighter brown because I have a strange feeling that the darker brunette is going to arrive looking more black, which will give me a bizarre look.
Wish me luck ladies! I will share before and after when I get them in the mail!
I can finally put my brows on fleek. :D
Lol I didn't even know this product existed before this post! Well you learn new things on Vingle everyday! I have natural thick brows, so my problems are regular plucking and reshaping, but let me know how those brows go, if they look like the real thing on you :)
wow...I thought there is only fake eyelashes, that I always fail when I tried to stick but I'm glad to have natural curve thin & black brows. good luck @marshalledgar, we lady's here can't wait to see it...
This looks scary n weird😲i really want to see u wearing these now!
I'm going to take before and after photos of me in makeup versus me with brow attachments @animaniacfreak 😂😃😄
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