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Long Hair End?

Long hair will never end!!! But in terms of cards this is it! For now at least!

Part 1, 2

Winner's Taehyun
VIXX's Leo
CNBlue's Jung Shin
Seventeen's Jeonghan

But seriously... Why does their hair seem so much nicer than mine?!!!

And just as a bonus....
Beast's Dongwoon!
KpopINT will keep you updated!
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i..I regret nothing *saved every picture and deleted pictures of my family to make space for them*
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Ahhhhhhh LEO!!! 鉂わ笍鉂わ笍
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@Namjoonsbutt 1. LOVE YOUR NAME and 2. same! Family is always first to go when making space (馃惓 Sky)
a year agoReply
They all look so good with long hair!!!! Why do they all look so fabulous!?!?!?!
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