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Genre: fluff~
Pairing: Reader x Lee Dongmin / Cha Eunwoo
Word count: 812
It was lunch time and you were supposed to be eating the delicious sandwich your mom put on your bag this morning, not copying whatever was the thing written on the board.
You hated math.
Even more the fact that there was a test tomorrow about todays topic and instead of paying attention guess what you did, yeah sleep.
"Im hungry"~ Dahee whined beside you
"You offered yourself, I didnt asked you to wait for me" "I did it because Im a good friend, but as you answered me rudely i will leave you alone so you can feel the real pain of not having me with you" she stood up from the spot on the floor she was on and started to walk towards the door.
Ok you loved her so damn much, but when she was hungry it was drama time and the only thing you could do in situations like this was agree with everything she says.
"If you need me Ill be on the cafeteria" 
And she left you alone just as you finished writing, great.
Going to find Dahee sounded tempting, but you knew if you didnt understand this right now you never would. 
It felt like hours staring blankly at the paper on your desk, each of the times you almost thought you got it, you didnt.
Putting your head on your hands you cursed yourself for falling asleep. Of all the days it had to be today.
You felt a tap on your back.
"Dahee-ah if you came back to complain about how bad the food on the cafeteria is, you already know its because they dont use real meat, neither-"
A light chuckle interrupted you.
"Remind me to never eat there ever again"
Lee Dongmin, you two have met 4 years back when you first arrived to this school. He was the first person that talked to you and guide you around. He was so sweet to you and still was.
Well, he was sweet to everyone.
Two years ago you realised your feelings for him but because of that you didnt say anything.
At the beginning you thought he liked you too because of the way he acted, but then ralised he was charming with everyone. 
So you put aside your feelings. Your friendship was more important anyway.
You two are close, very close, he knows everything about you and you know everything about him. You spend most of your time in his house watching movies, talking, reading, you practically were roommates by now.
But at the end of the day you were just that. A mate. Nothing more.
So you acted like one.
And it bothered you, more than you wanted it to.
He was still smiling when you came back to your senses.
"Are you going to keep smiling like an idiot or are you going to help me understand this thing"
"You are being extra rude today"
"Did something happened?" Concern was written all over his face.
"Nothing. I just think Im going to fail maths" 
"You are going to do fine, you always do. Stop worrying over small things. This test is not that important anyway." He tried to calm you
"Yeah I know. Why are you here?" He faked a hurt expression.
"Cant I be with my best friend anymore?"
"Yes you can, but its obvious that you want something. And whatever you want to do or say will have to wait, im busy"
You put your attention back on your notes.
"But you cant make a confession wait" It was barely audible but you still heard it.
Your whole face started to heat up
W-what…? breathing became hard all of sudden and you felt like your chest was going to burst.
Looking up you saw his red cheeks and wide eyes.
"For what?" "Look, its just that Ive liked you for a long time a-and I dont know how to say this or what to do but all I know its that I-I like you"
He looked at you waiting for any reaction or answer. Mouth agape you stared at him.
This was too perfect to be real.
"Lo-look if you dont feel the same, we can forget what just happened and pretend-"
"No!" He looked at you expecting you to continue and you did.
"No, I dont want to forget what just happened"
Blushing you looked away.
"So… You like me too?" He took one of your hands.
With his free hand he took your chin and made you look at his now smiley but rosy face. You couldnt help but smile back.
"Would you accept going on a date with me?"
You just nodded and he kissed your hand.
"Great, then what about explaining you some math before the bell rings"
He grabbed a chair and sat beside you.
"I would love that"
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Credit: @dorkstro-scenarios

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