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Next Morning, You woke up to the sound of something blasting in your ear. You immediately sit up as you slowly and tiredly, Open your eyes. You look out the window to see construction work being done. You gruntingly get up and walk towards the bathroom. You wash your face with water splashing into your eyes. You threw on a casual comfy outfit.
You get into the car to wait for your mom to drive you to school. As you wait, You put on the radio to hear 'Just One Day' by BTS playing. You immediately start bobbing your head back and forth to the catchy beat. You saw your mom walking out through the front door and into the car. She starts to put on her music very loud as she starts the car. You looked at her with squinty eyes before looking out the window.
As she pulls up into the schools parking lot, You thought of seeing Taeyang and Daniella together, Making you feel sick to your stomach. You get out of the car as your mom yells through the window,
"Have a good day Honey~I love you!"
Everyone turns heads in laughter, Making your face awfully red. You walk away from her as she drives off. You head into the school gate with hair in your face , Trying not to get noticed. You walk to a random bench and sit down as you pull out your notebook with your black pencil. You start to draw random things such as hearts, stars, flowers and other various shapes and sizes. You scratched that out and drew the BTS logo. *TAEYANG'S PERSPECTIVE* I was walking besides my friends as to see her sitting there with the same things she had the day before. She bothered me, Her talented skills bittered me to the core, I slap it out of her hand. I chuckled to the sound of her pencil falling against the hard grey floor. Until, Jiyong Hyung picks it up for her happily. I felt heated, betrayed, used, And I have no clue why. "Here Sweetie.. I'm sorry about his behavior. He acts like this when he is hungry." Jiyong chuckles as he handed her the pencil. She smiles as she walks away. I look at her walk away before scolding him. "Why did you do that?!" "Just because you hate her doesn't mean I do." He explained. I ignored him. I felt a slight of touch on my hand. I looked down to see Daniella's hand. Her hand was so freaking soft. "Oppa... I missed you~" She confessed in a baby like voice. "I missed you too~" I told her. I hear Daesung snickering at her. "What's so funny Dae?" She askes him. "You both are so basic" He laughs. Seungri joins in by laughing his butt off too. "What do you mean basic?" She grins. "The basic couple... Like... You two do the couple stereotypes.. Like tell each other you miss them but you literally saw him yesterday." He explains. "Whatever" She muttered. She holds my hand as she giggles. *DURING P.E.* (STILL HIS POV) "I'm open!! Pass the ball!" I yelled from across the gym. As soon as the basketball was passed to me I dribbled it around Seungri and away from Daesung. I threw the basketball into the basket. I made it! "That's another point for me." I bragged. "Aish c'mon... Why do we have to split teams as oldest and youngest?" Seungri complained. I told him, "Well... I don't know.. Ask T.O.P." "Hyung~ Want to play?" He asked. "No I don't do sports." He sasses. {Some adlib xD} I laughed to myself. Of course Hyung wouldn't play. I sit down to rest a bit until I look over to see (Y/N) doing sorts of exercises such as push-ups, sit-ups, lunges, leg lifts etc. I walked towards her with a cocked smirk, "Hey pretty thing. What you up too?" "Unlike you I am exercising..." She said. "Oh that's cool." I take off my shirt and flex to see her reaction. Nothing. I lay down next to her as I start to do sit-ups. Showing off my amazing muscular body. But.. she didn't seem to have any interest. Shocked. Most girls go gaga over me. They fall in love but cry after knowing that they can't get this. {Our biases..} "Why are you over here anyway by yourself? Or like why aren't you playing with the other girls?" (YOUR POV) You felt uneasy as he asked. "Because I'm not friends with any of those girls.." You responded. "But they're nice.. Want to meet them?" You push him out of the way, "No! Why don't you go and mess with some other girl?!" He looked ticked. "I'm sorry can't a guy just be nice to you? Do I have to deal with your bratty attitude?" "Bratty!?!? I have a bratty attitude?!" You whined. "Yeah... I bet that's why Daniella doesn't like you.." He said. You ignored him. You just walk out of the gym and walk towards the changing rooms. You freshen yourself up and you changed back into comfy and casual clothes.
You walked outside to grab a snack for now. You grabbed a fiber bar and a water. Just eating and munching; minding your own business. "Umm hey.." Someone shyly greeted behind you. You turned around to smile at Jiyong. "Hi." You greeted back. You scooted over to signal him that he can sit down. He sits down next to you with a shy smile.
"What brings you here?" You asked him straightforwardly. "Well.. If we're being straight forward.." He giggled, "I always see you around school like hanging by yourself and I wanted to get to know you better. My friend has something against you and everyone sees this horrible rebel but I see the opposite.. I see this classy yet edgy girl who is promiscuous.." You smiled with flushing red cheeks. You feel a fuzzy feeling. You thought to yourself, 'What is this feeling? Why is it happening? Am I gonna die?' "Aww... That's very sweet of you." You blushed. "Oh I'm Jiyong by the way." He said with a smile. "Nice to meet you Jiyong. I'm (Y/N)." "So... Was Youngbae bothering you in the gym?" He asked. You were confused. Youngbae? "Youngbae? Who's that?" You asked him. "My bad. Taeyang. Was Taeyang bothering you in the gym?" "Yeah a little. But is Taeyang not his real name?"
"No it's Dong Youngbae. He just goes by Taeyang." You nodded. Hmm Youngbae.. not bad of a name. "Well I'm gonna back to class.. But I'll see you later?" You hesitated. "Uh sure. That'd be cool. Let me walk you." He smiled as he walked you to class.
Some sexy Taeyang for you ;) Good day
aww Jiyong being all cute!!!馃槏 I want her to get with Jiyong!!! There so cute!!!鉂も潳
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eek I love this story! 馃檰
I would like to read this story but part one won't open for me馃槩
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