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If you are in a situation that you feel like you will never be able to get through, I promise you will feel like you can get through anything after reading the story of this dog's survival.

Meet Luna.

Luna is 18 months old and is owned by commercial fisherman Nick Haworth. On February 10, Haworth was out fishing with Luna and his crew off the coast of San Clemente when she disappeared. Haworth says that one moment Luna was there and the next moment, she was gone. Haworth called officials at the Naval Auxiliary Landing there to report that his dog might have gone overboard. The officials searched for about a week before pronouncing Luna dead.

And then she reappeared.

After more than a month had passed, Luna reappeared on a road on San Clemente. Officials believe that Luna swam ashore and survived on eating mice before finding the people on San Clemente. She was undernourished but in "good spirits," according to a spokeswoman for the Naval Base Coronado. The Navy then flew Luna to meet Haworth, who was out of town but came home early to reunite with his best friend.
"I'm not a guy of many emotions but, man, this had me stirred up. This had me in tears. It's a beautiful thing to get my dog back."

What an amazing story of survival!

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What? overboard and swam that far?! Dang, dogs are actually super inspiring.
@nicolejb For real! And he at mice the whole time!! It makes all of my tough situations seem so easy