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Goes better than expected.

If you're not familiar with it's responsible for such gems as "there are 8 days in the week genius" and "what happens if you cut your nipple off" as well as actual legit information about the ideal pre-workout diet and how to switch up your routine. In a fairly chill discussion about asking nerdy girls out, the topic of why "so many nerd girls have this weird obsession with making captain America and Bucky gay" came up. Lol.

Oh but wait! There's more!

"also how bucky extracts his grenades."

Can't argue with that!

Sebastian Stan *does* have a pretty mouth.

☆*: .。. oヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ o .。.:*☆

The final explanation: "also, this is how Steve looks at Bucky:"

The more you know?

The bodybuilding community has a bad reputation for being full of meatheads and jerks, and while there's definitely a few of those in the crowd, I think we all know that stereotypes are pretty much garbage. Which is why their response was just as welcoming as you'd expect from anyone else.

I think by "weird" he means WONDERFUL!

But that's probably a discovery for another thread. In the meantime, looks like our friends over at might have a whole new appreciation for smutty gay fanfiction.
@danidee lol I'd totally be down to run "Ask a Fangirl" for them XD
Lmao, they should do more "Ask a Fangirl" things on You need more than muscles to be able to win a girl over. You have to know how her brain works too!
all very valid reasons :3
I feel that Steve would do anything for Bucky. like if Steve was at his own wedding and Bucky was in trouble, Steve would ditch his bride for Bucky. So long live Stucky!!!! 💞💖❤❤❤😆😆
@shannonl5 Bahahaha, you should go ask.
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