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Happy 200 days with Day6! Let's continue to love and support them! DAY6 FIGHTING! xD ❀ I made this awesome collage for them :)
Day6 'DAYDREAM' teaser photo! It looks really pretty and looks meaningful :) 'DAYDREAM' will be released March 30th! Look forward to it! (Credit to JYP ENTERTAINMENT) Link: Check out @jypnation's Tweet:
Are you guys ready for Day6 comeback? :) -Happy Wednesday! ❀ - Reporter Taemi @parktaemi
I am sooo ready for Day6 to comeback!!!! although that Junhyeok won't be with them😭 I will always love Day6 and Junhyeok will always be a member of Day6 in my heart❀ I will still be fan no matter what happens!!!😊😊
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πŸ˜„ oh ya! oh ya! oh ya! πŸ˜†
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