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Keep this cat eye cheat sheet close by ladies! This 6-step how-to is by Los Angeles makeup artist, Ashleigh, who creates natural everyday looks that you can wear with confidence without the risk of looking like a clown.
She's on Insta and goes by @iheartmakeupart. I'd love to see her on Vingle because her looks are so timeless and relatively easy to achieve.
If you have your own hacks when it comes to makeup, please share with us. We'd love to learn something new!
I'm going to try this. I can never get this right lol
If only it were that easy lol we all have different eye shapes so one way of doing winged liner simply won't work
@marshalledgar stay tuned :P
you Crack me up. yeah, let's not repeat that look unless it's for an editorial @hikaymm
@marshalledgar Seriously!!! I don't need to go back to my middle school days of wearing raccoon liner lol. it might work for some but not me!
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