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When you're young and looking to make a quick buck in the suburbs, one of the easiest ways to grab some cash is a lemonade stand.
The stand is easy to make and the product overhead is low. In one of the funniest vids I have seen this year, this little girl tastes and taints her own product before distribution.
The funniest part of this video is the girls reaction to her product.
She knows it's bad, but has no idea how to fix the product. Is it the lack of lemon? No... Sugar?? Nope.. phlegm maybe?? of course! That's what's missing.
So in short, next time you pass a lemonade stand.. donate, but pass on the drink.. you never know what they decided to add to give the product a bit more flavor.
Bahahaha, this just reminds me of my own lemonade stands from when I was a little girl. My mom was always a real hustler, so we never sold just lemonade. We had a cooler full of canned sodas and ziplock bags of airpopped popcorn too. My neighborhood was kind of a new one when we were little kids, so there were always construction workers working on houses across the street, so we'd make baaaank.
Revolting! OMG!
oh my gosh