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Ok, so by now you've probably caught on that I really like the show Crazy Ex Girlfriend. Not only is the plot funny and interesting-- the songs are freaking amazing.
One of my favorite scene's is when Rebecca, having just poured her heart out to the male lead in the show (Josh), gets zero emotional support from him. She feels bad, and a group of young campers decide to give her a makeover and pep-talk.

We've seen the makeover scene in so many TV show's before, but obviously this ones a little different...

The main point of the video is they are saying to dress up, look good, feel good "for yourself."

But in the end doing something "for yourself" was always tied into getting male attention/love/approval.

So here's how to actually legit look good "for yourself"

Take your awesome-looking self and put on whatever clothes make you feel stinking awesome. Put on makeup or not (again, whatever makes you feel awesome). Go out (or stay in!) and do something that makes you feel awesome. Take a picture of yourself being awesome, put in on social media and not care how many likes you get. Because you are awesome without anyones approval.

How do you look good just for yourself??

Wait this is hilarious. I haven't heard of this show!! It seems funny!
The ultimate truth is once you purposefully, intentionally and deliberately look good for yourself, the world will certainly look up. Seemingly simple article but profound too.
@AlloBaber I feel like you'd LOVE it. It's super cheesy and weird. But also really smart
@grapetoes2000 I think it's easy to say, harder to do!! I'm working on it myself, but little reminders that I write out help a LOT
@sophiamor it's actually a really great tv show!! aww I love that quote :D
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