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You know I thought you were forever. It's why we texted each other "good night love you best friend" every night before bed. We planned sleepovers each weekend and talked about the boys we were going to marry, and the dresses we would wear as maid of honors. It's why I told you my secrets, about how dumb I made myself look in front of the first boy I ever liked. It's why I called you every day on the anniversary of your cousins death, just in case. It's why every time I get a random text from you, even all these years later, it still doesn't seem that random.
You were my person before growing up got in the way. Before we let a stupid boy, one that neither of us are even in love with all these years later, had us doubting our commitment with each other. I hate that we were those girls. But I have to admit, best friend from teenage years past, that anytime you text me, I can't help but smile. Remembering not the catty fights and the faze out during dance class but whispering at 3am about kissing boys, and sex, and promises of college friends never getting in the way.
So best friend who doesn't exist anymore, I guess you still are my forever, just not in the way I use to hope when we would text each other while we were in a room full of people, uncaring about what other people thought. You'll always be the one who taught me about how to wear lip gloss, and to smile bigger then anyone else, and that some boys just aren't worth it. And if we ever stumble across each other again, strangers with an unexplainable connection, I still think that teenage part of me will love you.
Aww this actually sweet. I'm this way with a lot of people in my life. I have a few friends that are dear to me and if they called I would be there in a second.
I'm crying now!!!!! why does this always happen?? it's like a bad break up which never gets better with age?? it just hurts more with memories or dates or even with things u see on the street. So thank you for writing something that is always on our mind but can not express. 馃槩馃槍
@EWillsea Liz has that ability to tap into your heart and say the things you don't have words for.
So many things in life are so much more fragile than we realise.
awwww I'm sure @nicolejb at least u talked which is a good thing 馃槃. I've been running away from my friend for the past 3 years or so and still living in the same city lol
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