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I'm a giant nerd. I'm pretty sure I've well established that fact. If I haven't, well, nice to meet you.
Anyway, I watch Marvel's Agents of Shield (because by god, do I have bad taste in things) and have had a hot and cold reception of it since the first season. One of my favorite parts of the show is Agent Melinda May (played by Ming-Na Wen) and her sheer badassery.
I also find the show weirdly funny when it's supposed to be serious, and I think that Clark Gregg might once have been human, but whatever deal he made with the necromancer all those years ago has taken all semblance of humanity from him.
This is all digression though. The reason I'm writing this card is because in my watching of last week's episode (no I haven't seen yesterday's yet) I found myself forgetting some of the actual details of the plot and focusing my thoughts more on whether or not I could, or would, date Daisy Johnson.


The first thing I need to say is sweet-heavenly-baby-starturtle, Chloe Bennet is an absolutely beautiful human being. Especially when doing cool things like rescuing Inhumans or fightin' bad guys. Look at this dynamic slow gif with some kind of filter on it designed to showcase exactly that point.
So on first looks (say I met her in a bar one night or something. I'd have to not know who she is beforehand otherwise I'd have to reconsider everything) I would absolutely be attracted to her.
But this isn't about how good looking Chloe Bennet is (which, again, is very). It's about whether I could enter and maintain a relationship with her. Effectively putting myself into Lincoln's shoes. Could I willingly enter into a relationship with this woman, whose whole life is lived aboard a giant flying base of operations for a secret intelligence and operations organization?
Could I date an Inhuman? Would that be weird at some point? I'd probably get jealous eventually, unless I was one as well (like Lincoln). Even if I was also an InHuman, could I then work+live+date a woman who is constantly in some kind of danger, and often danger that involves our shared species?
I couldn't.
Maybe I'm just an old fart in my soul, or just a giant wuss (it's the latter) but I couldn't willingly jump into this life. Say I had the same perspective as Lincoln. He's only known this girl insofar as she entered into his life and brought WORLD SHATTERING BADNESS with her. It was a veritable Shangri-la before Daisy got involved. Obviously she had good reasons to, but if I were him, I'd have taken the out.
But romantic b-plots, amirite, @paulisadroid @shannonl5?
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