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Has anyone else purchased or used any of the liquid matte lipsticks by Caked.Co?
It's a brand new cosmetic line that I am unfamiliar with and I haven't heard anything good or bad. Wondered if anyone on Vingle knows what's up with these.
Caked.Co, which is a Florida cosmetics company is currently offering these six stunning shades: (from the top) Creme de la Creme, Legit, Low Key, Jelly, Power Trip and Sweet Tooth.
The shades appear to be on the cool side and less warm. I'm not sure that everyone can wear such cool colors, or would want to. I am on the fence because of how pink these shades are (and I love pink!).
I do love the $16 price point, however. It's not in the 20s like a lot of lipsticks. But because I don't know how it wears, I don't want to make a recommendation.
Something inside of me is telling me that I need to just buy a couple colors and then tell you what I think...oh boy...I'm running out of money!!!!!!
yes, lipstick. can't live without it. but I had clear some of my lipstick collection for 'too long' in the drawer. lol. sometimes can't control myself to buy a new lipstick although it almost the similar shade but different brands.
Not a big Lipstick fan. I usually just wear Chapstick believe it or not but I am open to start wearing some Lipstick and those shades are very nice.
@marshalledgar Just get them next month. You can't be without money.
I love lipstick and can't live without it, but I don't know those brands
Great question @humairaa I don't do drag and don't have any interest in wearing makeup or performing drag, etc. However, I started experimenting with makeup to fix my broken eyebrows. Not much success so far, so I ordered false eyebrows. I will let you know how it goes with that. But as far as drag, I do love watching rupauls drag race
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