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Yes, this day exists and it's today! So, of course, I'm here to help you celebrate. Here are 5 pictures of the cutest puppies that will help you successfully celebrate this amazing day!

#5 Rolls of skin

First of all, this puppy's face is amazing. And look at all of those rolls! How adorable!

#4 So much fluff

There is just so much fur on this little baby! I just want to snuggle it all day!

#3 You, with the sad eyes

This puppy looks like the person taking the photo just offered her a treat and then took the treat away. Her eyes are so sad, but also so cute.

#2 Floppy ears

I mean, I could look at this face all day.

#1 I mean, is this even real?

Could a puppy get any cuter? Nope, this one definitely takes the first place spot.