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Sayo Hitsugi from Triage X!!!! Sayo is the Head Nurse at Mochizuki General Hospital as well one of the members of Team Ampule 0. She is the master of close combat of Black Label, handling Miniguns and light machine guns with ease. She has incredible physical strength and has a surprisingly excellent memory. She may look like your typical nice and carefree nurse, but on missions, she wears a devil mask and armored gauntlets and her attitude changes to a more brutal, berserk and sadistic, and almost psychotic!!
Sayo is a slightly tall, lean built woman who has lightly colored skin, with long blue hair and violet eyes. Her bangs are shorter and go off the side of her face. Behind her bangs is a grouping of hair longer than her bangs, but it's not as long as her actual hair. Along with the female members of Ampule, Sayo has a larger than average bust size, (Her three measurements are B94/W58/H84) Sayo tends to wear a nurses outfit, but is seen wearing other clothes as well. She's usually seen wearing casual clothes and wearing headphones. Sayo always wears a mask during Black Label missions. The mask gives her a demonic appearance, especially when she is carrying heavy weapons like her Mg42's and her Minigun.
Sayo is a harsh nurse that shows no mercy on missions. Once without hesitation she pointed a Minigun at point blank range and fired at a guy, killing him instantly (Savagery at its finest). Sayo obeys her orders flawlessly earning the respect in the eyes of her comrades. However, Sayo can also get a little hot-headed when she's at risk of injury, saying something like, " Maybe you should be a little more careful how you use me. What if I gotten hurt?" to Yuuko. Despite the fact Sayo has her merciless and aggressive side, she is also very kind and thoughtful side, which is shown when she invites Arashi to the baths with the other ladies of Ampule One after they completed one of their missions. (That Bastard refused to lol) She has no shame in showing her body off.
Sayo specializes in using heavy weapons. She is able to wield such heavy weaponry because of the massive amounts of strength she possesses. The weapons include: - Dual wielding Mg42's- Sayo has enough strength to hold 2 light machine guns in each hand. This type of firepower leads to mass slaughter of enemies in her path - Minigun- Sayo's ability to carry a Minigun around makes her job of killing very simple. The firepower from her Minigun leaves almost no trace of the enemy, simply leaving chunks and fragments of human remains (DAAAMN!!!). Sayo's Minigun is also powerful enough to completely obliterate a lot full of cars. - The No Pain Black Label Shield- A shield like piece of equipment that Sayo carries around with her on her back. The Shield contains a type of mechanism that locks itself into the ground. With this Shield Sayo has the ability to withstand the impact and stop a speeding car.
So that's Waifu #14 Sayo Hitsugi!!! Just your typical sexy Triage nurse by day and by night a Badass Demon Assassin by night!! This Chick is an absolute tank. She's definitely gonna be a handful when she wants attention. I have to keep my guard up!! Anyway I'll leave you with this Video of her Close Combat Skills!!
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My favorite character in triage X by far. Such a badass.
Hitsugi is too lol
@BlackoutZJ I can see it now hitsugi and nurse joy cross over .. Totally cannon material by the way lol 😜
Nurse joy is a bad ass