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Lil Dude Be Killin It
Stop just a second. Have you ever seen a lil dude with such a slick haircut? You just know he's the envy of all the 3rd-grade boys on the playground.
But seriously though, that's a dope haircut. Not sure I have the face or the skull shape to pull that off but I'd definitely like to see what else this barber can do.
And that barber happens to be both a painter and a stylist, Renoir Vega Jimenez.
Some looks that he's created for men...
Before and after. Wow!
Okay guys, we need to up our hair game!!!!!
wow I wish he was in laredo!!
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Yeah I wish he was in Los Angeles @buddyesd 😕
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it's become a lost art over here 😦
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yasss definitely love these
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