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10 YEARS LATER~~ I waited years for this day. Not because it's a Saturday but because I've convinced my parents (mostly mom) that I had gotten smart enough for me to go back home. Not to mention back to her. Will she be able to remember me after 10 years? or did she forget about me?. It's been 10 years and yet things still seem the same. She has to remember me.... or was our kiss in plain vain. Maybe she's found someone else to cry on and depend on or maybe she's still waiting for me. The possibilities of her not recognizing me are inevitable and it would break my heart into a million pieces to hear such words: "Who are you?" or "Do I know you?". But even of she couldn't remember me I know that the memory of our kiss is still there.... just pushed away into a voult of unrememberable memories. We spoke a lot in the first week after I left Seoul... but then I got so busy with studying I forgot to text and even pay attention to her and as if that wasn't hurtful enough.... even when I do text her..... she ignores me, as if I was just another stranger. I set my flight for tomorrow morning. Luckily, I have everything packed already in hopes that maybe I can surprise her. I called mom a few times this week but she still won't answer, it's probably because she's still mad at me for going back home and not staying in the states. But she shouldn't be mad, she should be happy that I'm finally going back after 10 years. My dad on the other hand is more happy than angry. I called him and he was shedding tears from the other side of the phone and saying that he's been dying to hear those words: "I'm coming back" Still, I'm histant about my decision. Mostly because I'm not so sure (Y/N) will remember me, I mean, it's been 10 years without communication... I'm pretty sure she won't even remember what my name is.
I wake up with a headache, a very strong headache. I couldn't sleep because I was so nervous about (Y/N)'s reaction when I go back. Also, it's because of my mother's inconvenient anger that's probably going to scare me for the worst. I walked around the house at about 3 in the morning with the discourage of my flight being in 5 hours and that if maybe.... I'm making the right decision. Am I ready to face her after 10 years?
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