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GD: Hello.. @BBxGD
GD: It's nice seeing you again, dance with me?
GD: I hope the Community has been treating you well.....
GD: You guys have treated her well right ~(^.^)~
GD: BB...
GD: will you stay with me?
GD: Our forever will be as long as you wish it to be
GD:....why? because if it was my decision you never get to leave (^__^)
GD: BB.....
GD: I love you~~
GD: Together this time.....FIGHTING♡
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:') Kwoniie .... u made me tear. The feels ... ohhh man... love you Kwon,, you too Kwoniie 💋💖🙈
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I love this Kwon, so cute.
2 years ago·Reply
Love!!!...Kwonnie... u r so lovely today!!!
2 years ago·Reply
>.>...... hehehehehe........ <.<
2 years ago·Reply
That was adorable 💕😍 truly adorable
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