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Okay, most people who work in show biz rely on ratings to predict if there movie is going to fail or now. The cost to make and promote the movie costed 400 million dollars and half of that went to pushing the movie out with advertising. Fan so far feel like they have been short changed when it came to the movies others simple either loved it or hated it. Rotten Tomatoes is one of Hollywood's signs and this what they gave Batman V Superman...
Not exactly what the studio wanted to see or hear. The studio was expecting an 1 billion dollar return on the movie they spend so much on. Hey DC fans, do you think Batman V Superman is going to get that 1 billion dollar mark? To follow more of my Daring DC collection please click here!
Btw, just saw a post in my geeky Facebook group (Geek Asylum of the Zombie Apocalypse, if you're curious. It's like Vingle, if there were an all-over-the-place-fandom community) from an inmate (yes, we carry the asylum motif everywhere, so lots of crayon eating) who loved it, who wasn't even interested in seeing it in the first place! Just goes to show, opinions are just opinions and should be taken with a grain of salt until you can form your own!
I think there are enough fans and hype that they'll make it. Critics rarely seem to know what they're talking about anyway
@shannonl5 True, DC doesn't have a good cinematic record, but I think their tv success has been helpful in growing their fan base, even though it's not a unified universe like Marvel. And I totally agree with your point about DC's tone appealing to a different, probably smaller, audience than Marvel (I recently saw a post about DC having "the 'overly dark' superheroes that avoid taking lives" in contrast to Marvel's "'fun and light hearted' super serial killers," which I don't entirely agree with, but whatever). Maybe the execs were a bit optimistic with their expectations, but the audience score is still relatively high (not an A, but Bs are nice, too!). It may not do as good as expected, but I don't think it will be considered a failure
Also that sounds cool!
@OtakuDemon10 that's a good point! Their tv game has been really strong. Though I think part of the reason for that is that they've been so willing to experiment and try out different things there. I know movies are a bit riskier because their budget is so huge, but it means less risk taking happens there
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