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Hello Video Game Vinglers!

I was just talking with fellow Video Game mod support @InVinsybll today and we thought it would be super duper cool if all the gamers on here made a card about the game that they are currently playing.
How can you participate in this fun-tastic event? Glad you asked.
It's very easy! Here's what you need to do:

1. Take a screenshot of the game that you're playing!

(Or take a picture w/ your phone, whichever is easy!)

2. Make a card with the screenshot picture!

(Be sure to title it like this: @Username's Game Screenshot! Name of Game)
For example - @Poojas' Game Screenshot! League of Legends

3. Add a caption to your screenshot

You guys are all funny and I'd like to see you caption your awesome screenshots! XD

What are you waiting for? Show us what you're playing!

I'm not in the middle of anything right now, besides random FIFA games, but I'm bout to start a Pokemon nuzlocke play through which I will definitely post on here
@CalebOrr godspeed, good sir.
I'll do it when I get home!
I will during the weekend if I remember
Haha yes!
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