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Hey guys is Sky! And in honor of today I'm gonna show you my Korean studies.
So I have a few ways I study Korean and one of my favorite ways is the app called Memrise. It's super duper helpful and actually makes a difference. (LoOK AT THAT DIMPLE!! *SWOON* ) (Please disregard Namjoon's smile (even if it's highly distracting)
Another thing is do is take notes. There is this amazing website that I use. I read through the lessons on there and take notes and practice what they teach. Website:
If i can I print out the printable worksheets. This one was a word search. (from the same website as the lessons)
Another huge help is Vingle! I actually love to follow How To.., Study Korean with... and Translation collections here on Vingle. I mainly follow @kpopandkimchi and a few others.
I also use.. (Well try to) both Hello Pal and Hello Talk. They are apps where you can connect and talk to people who are learning the language(s) you are a learning and/or are interested in. They don't work as well for me, where as I have friends who are always being talked to. Mabe it will work for you try it out. Hello Talk: -Android: -Apple: I know it's available there too but I'm unable to get the link to it. Hello Pal: -Android: -Apple: I'm not sure if it's available for iPhone but I would believe so.
Lastly I make flashcards. Usually they are from the Vingle "Learn Korean" collections I follow. I have so many flashcards now. How do you guys study Korean? How's it going? Any tips? Don't forget our launch is March 26th!! -If you haven't already please follow/like and support our social media and website: Tumblr: Twitter: @KpopINT Instagram: kpop_int Website:
@Tania538 Yay I'm happy you enjoyed it! (🐳 Sky)
Thank you for this card! I'll try to use your tips. πŸ˜‰