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OMG JB is just perfect no words to describe. BUT! Yonngguk is my ultimate bias. Enjoy!
You twirled in the rolling chair making circles as you laughter filled the room. Your playful banter was getting JB upset even more. He has been stuck on this song for a while now. He invited you to help him, but was regretting it. You tried to help, yet he always blew off your suggestions. Being silly and goofing around kept you from feeling like a burden to him.
"Y/N! I am trying to work!" He yelled his voice echoing in the studio. You flinched, hurt filling you as you look down ashamed. You stop your movement and took interest of the gray title beneath your feet.
"I an sorry oppa. Do you want me to go get food?" You asked quietly shifting to stand up.
"Why don't you do that." He replied sarcastically his eyes locked onto the screen of the computer monitor. You bit back a tort for it could cause an unnecessary argument.
Gathering your things you went to open the door. "I am leaving, I will be back."
"Finally!" He mutter under his breath loud enough for you to here. This angered you as you slam the door shut, leaving.
Walking to a nearby sandwich shop by JYP. Usually you went somewhere else, but this was JB favorite and you wanted to make it up to him. It started raining harshly as you were then drenched. Slipping inside the small shop you notice there was only a elderly woman. Glancing outside to see small light objects being pulled by the wind. Upon hearing the crackle of the TV you turn your attention to it.
The news report already was over, everyone had to stay in doors for about five hours until it was over. The reporter said it was to be a very bad monsoon. Frowning you remember this morning, when they said it was to be sunny and no clouds. You were mostly worried about JB, hoping he was okay. You went thru your bag searching for your phone. Then you remembered that you left it charging with JB.
Asking the older woman for a phone, she replied that all she hand was a landline. Leading you towards it the power suddenly cut off. Wind knocking against the glass as the building rattled. Fear struck you like lighting, you hated thunderstorms ever since you were little. The elderly looked at you sympathetically, she had given you a towel to dry off as well as a blanket. Trying to calm the nervousness in the room, you shared a small conversation.
"Are you married?" Asked the woman as she played with what you assumed is her wedding ring.
"No, but I do have someone I care deeply for." You breathed out cold as you shivered. You quickly placed the blanket over the woman as harsh coughing racked her frail body.
"What is your name?" You asked rubbing her shoulders.
JB waited for you to return. Another 30 minutes gone by as his worry grew gradually. He knew you were upset, but you usually were very understanding. He even tried calling you when he realized you had left your phone with him in the studio. Gathering his things he went to leave, but was blocked by a rather enormous crowd.
"Jackson! Mark!" JB yelled over the loud angered voices. He caught the attention of his band mates.
"JB, they said it is a monsoon. A pretty bad one." Jackson huffed out as he arrive to JB, with Mark.
"Where is Y/N?" Mark asked curiously searching for your petite body. The look of worry on JB's face answered his question.
"I sure she is fine. She is a strong girl." Jackson reassured him placing his hand on JB shoulder as comfort.
"Yeah, but why did she leave?" Mark asked to no one in particular. He saw JB wince as if someone shredded his heart.
"She went to get food." It was the truth he just didn't go into detail. Taking his chances he left his things with his friends and made a mad dash outside to his car. Slamming the car shut he wiped the rain from his face and started up the car to being his pursuit for you.
You scream echo thru the small shop as a flash of lighting struck the front of the shop. This cause the sign in front to fall blocking the entrance. Anna tried to detract your attention away from the storm.
"Tell me more about this boy." Anna asked before another patch of rough cough's emitted from her chest.
"Well he is a hard worker and a leader. Sometimes it seem like he is cold or tough, but a total softie in private." You smiled recalling all the times you and JB were together. Anna looked at you as you excitedly told her all of your stories. After chatting for a while you came to find out that Anna was sick with lung cancer and was expected to die soon.
"You are married aren't you?" You asked curiously trying to find light in this dark situation.
"Yes and I have three children." Now it was your turn to listen to her stories with a smile. You could see her eyes lit up with such pride and enjoy of having a family. You wish that JB was here with you as regret occupy your chest with a horrible ache.
"We'll make it out I promise." You tried to ease her worry's away. Settling on your makeshift bed of blankets you both fell asleep.
JB searched everywhere for you he knew you wouldn't be far. Especially if you had to walk a lot you were quite lazy. He stopped by each of your favorite restaurants with in a good distance from JYP. He had a strange urge to stop by the sandwich shop that was close by. He got out of the car being careful not to be dragged by the forceful wind. He peeked around the fallen sign to you laying on the floor with an older woman. His heart jumped to his throat assuming the worst and panicked.
He whipped out his phone and punched in the number calling for an ambulance, police, and fire station. He notice how the wind slowed a bit, but was thundering and raining heavily. He started to bang on the glass calling out to you. As all the emergency vehicles arrived.
You were instantly awoken by numerous shouting and movement. Furrowing your eyebrows you shifted softly to sit up. Then you heard the loudest of voice yell your named. Whipping you head around almost breaking you neck your eyes locked onto a desperate emotional JB.
Looking around you spotted Anna behind you unresponsive. You quickly shook her to wake up. With no response you grew scared, shaking her more. Checking for a pulse your blood froze over cold, tears poured down your cheeks as you choke back a sob. You watched her face that held a graceful smile holding onto her wedding ring. You couldn't hold it in any longer and let out a heart wrenching wail of distress. You only knew her for a little while, but she was a sweet, caring lady.
The door at the entrance was flung open as JB dashed to you. He held you tightly as you cried, you fought against him as he dragged you away from the heartbreaking scene to let the medics help. His hold on you was so great you feared JB was unstable as silent tears fell into you hair his face buried in it. You both were a mess, but clung onto each other like a lifeline. Standing up you had to grasp JB for support as you knees shook and wobbled. You made way to his car, but stopped when you saw an older man crying as he held onto Anna hand. Running over to him you softly explain what happened, then gave him a hug to return back to JB.
Pulling into the driveway of your apartment, you both walked inside with no words exchanged. Going upstairs you turn on the shower waiting for it to run warm. Returning to the bedroom you saw JB sitting on the edge his face tilted down as he breathe ruggedly. Walking up to him you stood between his legs and started to undress him to get him in the shower. Once done you lead him into the steaming bathroom, before you could leave he stopped you. He slowly took off your clothing, letting his finger tips linger as he examined you, to him it was like worshiping a beautiful goddess. Pulling you into the shower you both help clean each, until the water turned cold.
Shutting of the faucet he stepped out to dry himself, then proceed to lift you up in a towel and carried you to bed. He gently placed on the bed getting rid of the towel you both slipped under the thick warm duvet. He circled you waist and dragged you up to his chest. He enjoyed your bare skin against his as warmth radiated off of you. Interlocking fingers you both drifted off to sleep.
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@luna1171 yep. The overall cuteness is there but I'm sad about anna.
Oh my heart hurts in a sad way. I wasn't ready!
@ManduBum @AimeeH your welcome😆😆
@luna1171 Oh I liked this! Thank you for tagging me dear!
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