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These cute illustrations show the truth behind our reaction to our pets vs our significant others.

Considering I make my partner move over on the couch to make room for my puppy to sit next to me, I have to agree with more than a few of these ;D
All credit to the lovely Samantha Wu!

1. Sharing food with your dog vs your partner.

2. Saying "I Love You!" to your dog vs your partner.

3. Introducing your dog vs your partner to someone new.

4. When your dog as to pee vs when your partner has to pee.

5. Your camera roll with your dog vs your partner.

6. When you see a booger on your dog vs your partner.

6. Cuddle time with your dog vs your partner.

How many of these are accurate?!

Find more for Samantha's artwork here!
welp got no dog only fishes and in reality this all tru more fishy time than sugar daddy time XD XP
I've more pics of my dog than of mine!
I wouldn't know because I got no man LOL
@amandamuska if my dog farts we all run away; there's no joke here. I've never smelled something so gross.
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