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You have to admit you only sleep that well when next to him. You’ve become too attached, too dependent. What’s going to happen when your contract expires in 2 weeks? Forget two weeks, what’s going to happen when he leaves for a concert tour this coming weekend? He set his alarm for when you normally get up, you don’t remember him doing that. Honestly, the entire week is beginning to be a blur, days combining together.
You had left him asleep in bed but as you come out of your room he is coming down the hall, pulling on a suit jacket, talking on his phone. You step back out of his way; he is focused and not altogether happy. You follow him down the hall and hear the beep of the door as he leaves. You hope it isn’t something to do with anything he had to reschedule. A few minutes later Joon-woo walks in and goes over to pour himself a cup of coffee.
“You made up last night, good girl.”
You choke on the bite you were about to swallow. “Excuse me?”
He just grins and straightens his suit coat. “Security, sweetheart. We see all, we hear all. Unless you turn off the cameras, then we imagine all.”
The look on your face and the proximity of your hand to your drink make him back up. “Don’t even think about it, my other suits are at the cleaners.”
“And is that my fault?” You say with a sugary sweet smile.
He takes a wide berth out of the kitchen, “I’ll just wait for you in the living room.”
On the way in to the office you decide to satisfy your curiosity. “Was everything okay with him this morning?”
“You care?” At your glowering response he quickly amends, “Okay, okay, I’ll lay off the teasing. We just get so bored.” When you don’t look impressed he laughs. “Fine, no there was some mess up with his upcoming concert schedule. It’s a big deal since tickets have already been sold, and dates confirmed. One of the venue’s overbooked, he’s trying to figure out when he can work out an extra concert for those fans.”
“He wouldn’t just consider giving their money back would he?”
“The boss? No. He credits who he is to his fans and he tries to accommodate them whenever possible. He usually has one or two down days during a tour for practice, travel, and rest. He may not be able to get that this time.”
“Doesn’t he have guests at some concerts? Isn’t Juno doing a song with him? What if his dancers have a conflict?”
“That’s why it’s a big deal, but he’ll make it work, he always does.” He looks over at you and then adds, “You know the boss is always supporting and contributing to charities right?”
You look over with a raised eyebrow, “Are you giving me his resume?”
He shrugs, “Whatever works. I already told you that Do-yun and I approve, it seems you’re the only one with hesitations around here.”
You turn away and take a deep breath, “Now you’re a match maker? Alright, answer me this. What happens when he leaves for his tour this weekend? And then what happens when my project ends and I return to the states? These are hesitations; I’m not a schoolgirl with a crush. I’m a woman with a business and a life. Do you have suggestions for those match maker or are you just suggesting to enjoy the moment?”
“Would enjoying the moment be so bad?”
“It is if you want more.”
“Just what are you saying? Are you in love with the boss?”
“I’m saying thank you for the ride, anything I feel is my business. However; most grown women are looking for more than just ‘hey baby, lets enjoy the here and now’. I’ll be fine from here, I’ll see you later.”
It was a rather pleasant, uneventful day. You had a meeting with your client about the possibilities of the project ending sooner or completing parts of it strictly online. The meeting went very well and they were quite pleased with the prospect of the project completing ahead of schedule.
One hurdle down. If you need to leave South Korea sooner due to your stalker, it was covered. Or if you decided to, ‘go with the flow’, as had been suggested earlier, you could do that also. Speaking of ‘seizing the day’ you decide why not and shoot off a text.
You: I hope you find a way to fix the conflict. Did you eat?
Junsu: Thank you and yes.
He’s busy; you aren’t going to bother him. You showed an interest and let him know you were thinking of him. You put your phone away and get back to tackling your spreadsheets.
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