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The official story and couple pictures are released a few days later. You didn’t know that they had interviewed Junho. People keep making comments to you that you don’t understand. One of the stylists finally takes pity on you.
“Have you not seen the release?”
“What release?”
“You and Junho, your couple pictures, your story,” she sighs. She quickly scrolls through her phone and hands it to you to read. The first thing you notice are the pictures. They released about four and you can’t believe you’re looking at you. You knew you looked good that day, but the camera must love you because that is not what you see in the mirror. Catching your look she peeks over your shoulder and laughs, “Yes, we did a great job. Read the story!”
= = It has been reported that Junho from 2PM & JYPE is in a whirlwind romance. As you can see in the above pictures, released today by JYPE, the couple; seem completely smitten with each other. “Easiest photo shoot I’ve ever done,” reported their photographer. “She walked down the stairs and all I had to do was point and click, the camera loves them.” We asked for an interview with Junho but due to his pre-release schedule we were only able to get him on the phone. “We see you’re in a relationship, congratulations!” J: “Thank you.” “We understand she’s a foreigner, is she also a fan?” J: “She’s from the U.S., we met while filming the new 2PM video. Yes, she has admitted she likes 2PM.” “Just 2PM?” J: “[Laughs] Well, that goes without saying.” “Very true. So tell us, with it happening so fast, it was love at first sight?” J: “It was for me, I can’t speak for her.” “And what was it about her you fell in love with?” J: “Wow, that’s a loaded question. I don’t think it was just one thing that stood out; it's more the whole of her. Her work ethic, her personality, her sass. [laughing again]” “Not her looks?” J: “I figured that was obvious.” “Quite true, sounds like you’ve found a beautiful woman. Is she your soul mate? Do you see this lasting? Will she return to the U.S.?” J: “Yes, yes, and I don’t know. She completes me, a part I didn’t know I was missing. I could see us together for a lifetime, but it’s way too soon to approach that. I don’t know if or when she’ll return to the states; but if there’s a choice? I hope she picks me.” = =
Tears prick your eyes as you hand the phone back to the stylist. “Thank you.” She nods, “You really didn’t know he felt that way?”
You shake your head, “He said he loved me, but..”
She picks up your hand with the ‘his’ ring; “Honey, he’s a Korean man.”
The police make a presence around mid-day to inform the director that nothing was found in the trash bins. They want permission to go through everyone’s lockers now that the whole crew is on site. The director nods, hands them the master key, and sends one of the assistant producers with them. The CSI team had cleaned everything up before they left last night. The hope was that those that left before the police arrived, would think that you simply cleaned it up.
Partway through ‘Comeback When You Hear This Song’ the police came over and start whispering to the director. He yells, “Cut” and asks for everyone on set to gather around.
“Last night we had property damage on the set. The police are here today to help me discover who the person or persons are that did it. I fully intend to press charges and fire them. Jokes that border on malicious are not jokes and can set the company up for lawsuits, we don’t tolerate them. The police are looking for a specific item in relation to the scene last night. I’m asking all of you to co-operate with them and turn out your pockets when approached.”
A voice from the back responds, “And if we don’t?”
The younger police detective smiles and walks forward, “Well, why wouldn’t you? Unless, of course; you have something to hide. In which case we will arrest you under suspicion and take you down to the station.”
To show good faith and let everyone think that all were suspects; 2PM and their entourage go first. You and the director go next, showing them that no one is above suspicion. While everyone else gets searched, Junho comes up and wraps his arms around you from behind.
“No frisking today, does that mean no bath tonight?” He’s rewarded with a smack and a blush. “See that? Right there. One of the major reasons I love you. But its a little awkward telling the world you love your girlfriends responses to you.”
You turn in his arms to look him in the face. He had sounded like he was teasing, but you realize he serious.
“You meant it all then? What you said in that interview? It wasn’t all just publicity?”
The look on his face becomes concerned as he cups your face. “Jagi, I’ve always meant every word I’ve said to you or about you.”
“This is totally the wrong time.”
“Wrong time for what?” he asks, peering into your eyes.
“To tell you, I love you.”
He stands absolutely still and whispers, “And what does that mean Jagi?”
“That if you really want me to; I’ll stay… here, in Korea with you.”
Everyone could hear his whoop of excitement as he picks you up and whirls you around. You’ve never seen that look on his face before but you know you want to keep it there. He pulls you in and kisses your socks off. There is a sudden cough behind you; and Junho looks over your shoulder to see the director.
“I just got through telling everyone no personal feelings on the job site.”
Junho bows, but his grin says he’s not sorry. “Sorry sir, but when a man gets a confession from his woman, he has to respond. And I don’t work for you, so I’m not consorting with a co-worker.”
The director looks at him; “True enough, continue.”
yeah, what @Jinnyrod3 said. like seriously. at the confession my heart tightened, like I was the one saying I love you enough to stay by your side... smh... this fan fiction gets all the fangirling our of me.
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you have superpowers to make my feels overflow
Aawww! 😄😄😄😄 \😊/