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★Congratulations on winning the Awards★ BIGBANG won: Most favorite foreign artist Best selling foreign album Best MV of the year G-Dragon won: Most influential male artist
@catchyacrayon Wow.... I feel like I m reading a report!!....our Maknae is back!!!!♡♡♡♡(me in Bingu TOP style mode)..."Thank you, u like! u♡♡♡♡*put my fingers in heart shape!!*
So many things are going on my mind right now... • Lang Lang got them Mozart hands thoooo!! The way he played it made me laugh on how they touched the piano 😂 • is it just me or did GD change voice? Either he trying a different sound for his voice or... He finally passed the pubescent stage... Nah jk lol it can't be 😂 • TAEYANG sounds so different in loser, he sounds very nice actually! He doesn't sound like he's out of breath, hmm maybe that's why. • I DIED at the part when they had the camera pointed at the dancer who was doing the floor banging the wall move 😂 his serious face and the camera shooting that out of nowhere killed me 😂 • HABA! HABA! HABA! • CATCH ME ON FIRE!!! that was sexy not gonna lie 😍😍 • GD's English= my LIFE!! His English has improved so much and the more fluent he becomes, the more I fangirl Ohmigod 😍👏🏻❤️ •LMAO Top didn't know what to say besides I love you, Che Che, and *puts thumb and pointer finger together* Ok I'm done :3