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Sony took the show at this years E3 and here's a list of their exclusive titles. Will post individual cards with video of each game soon. Exclusive PS4 Titles: Doki Doki Universe DriveClub Gran Turismo 6 Infamous: Second Son Killzone: Shadow Fall Knack The Order: 1886 The Witness Transistor What titles are you most excited for?
@JohnLee Ohhh, which games?! It seems most games that I'll really want to play will be out the following year. I'm looking forward to Witcher 3, Dragon Age, Elder Scrolls, Final Fantasy, Halo, Killer Instinct, Mirror's Edge 2...etc. The new Forza actually looks great and I love the fact that you're racing other people out there in the world. Nice! I think a lot of people were upset because it was anti-consumer. Oh, I also love the Xbox controller. Loooove it.
@YinofYang Awesome, which games are you going to get first? I used to play Forza a lot back in the day and would love be to able to play the new one. I don't know why so many people were bashing the XBone. The whole online thing wasn't really a big deal to me. I feel like the TV features will be really cool. Too bad those features can't be implemented here in Korea...
@JohnLee Hm, after much thought, I'll be getting the XB One. I really, really like Xbox Live, the setup and ease and a lot of games there were premiered are cross-platform anyway, save for some here and there. I love games, period, so I'll eventually get the PS4 down the road too....
@JohnLee Katamri Damacy!! That game was insane! Doki Doki Universe has a really interwsting concept, but I'm worried it will uncover some suppress childhood memories. haha
@BlackMage haha nah its all good. I think starting with FF13 they started going multi platform. I don't have much time for games anymore but Doki Doki Universe intrigues me. I was always into those quirky games like Katamari Damacy ahah. What about you?
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