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20 Years ago, Hanson shocked the world with the release of their worldwide hit "MMMBop."
If I remember this vividly, am I old? Ehhh who cares.
The funny thing is, this hit shook even the hip-hop world. 20 years later, I still hear the effects of this song. A song driven by incredible energy, melody and ad-libs.
When you listen to a lot of the music today (at least in my world,) the hits are dominated by this recipe. People want to feel good and not think too much about the lyrics.
This song had a little bit of everything, but was dominated by those features. While I wasn't running around town bumping Hanson in my headphones, you better believe I knew this song when I heard it. It was like not knowing "I want it that way," or "Bye Bye Bye," (well maybe not THAT close, but you get the idea.)
So while the group never had a hit quite like this one, it's only right we pay homage to this one. Cool song for sure. Hit the video above of the gem above, enjoy and feel free to share your thoughts on the track below!
Omg, Hanson was seriously my #1 favorite band when I was in middle school. So embarrassing, but whatever, at least they played instruments, right?
@iixel I have a cane XD thankfully I don't need it yet! It's a prop from a film shoot that I ended up with. I can shake it like the old lady I am on the inside though!
@shannonl5 There's kids who were born in 2000 and they're driving now. Anybody else feel like they need a walking cane? lol
i loved hanson!!! they were one of the few albums that i ever owned. i also had alanis moressette, jewel, creed, the wallflowers, and probably a few more that i just cant think of right now.
@shannonl5 Need to practice yelling "Get off my lawn!" xD
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