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The waitress continued to shoot you strange looks as you sat angrily in the chair across from Taecyeon. He had happily started to eat but you didn’t even bother picking up your fork, let alone taking a sip of the wine in front of you. How you had ended up on a date with him felt more like a nightmare than actual reality. Your mother had once again decided to interfere with your love life and you could not be more irritated. Wasn’t it bad enough that she was messing with your life, did she really have to go and pick the most egotistical, rude, irritatingly unprofessional, and smug guy she could find?
You crossed your arms over your chest and proceeded to shoot glares across the table at him. When he had finally finished eating he looked up at you a wide grin spreading across his face. “Don’t like the food?”
Smirking you shake your head, “No the food is fine, the company is what leaves something to be desired.”
He chuckled and placed his hand over his heart pretending to be hurt. “You are so cruel Ice Princess. I thought I was great company.”
“No Unicorn Boy, great company wouldn’t have gone behind my back to get my mother to make me go out with him.” You stood up and gathered your things. “Now if you will excuse me I have work to do.” You turn to leave but are quickly stopped.
“Who said our date was over?” He raised an eyebrow playfully and smiled.
With a loud sigh you turned on your heels to face him once again. “What do you want? Father’s company? His money? I thought you said you have no interest in that?” You cocked your head to the side and looked at him angrily. “I am not some toy or pawn and if you want the company go ask him yourself.” You once again turned to leave but stopped at his words.
“I am not interested in the company or the money. Rather I am interested in you.” You spun around and opened your mouth to argue but he just smiled and continued. “I find you fascinating, like one of those pretty pristine pictures in the art gallery.” Your face contorted angrily. “You are always so standoffish and cold with people but I don’t think it suits you.”
“How do you know how I am? Do you know me? Have I met you before?” You shot back. “I am not amused by your games at all. I have better things to do then waste my time here with you.”
“Good then we can head off to the next location.” He grabbed your hand and pulled you towards the door despite your protests.
His car stopped in front of an arcade and your confusion only grew. “What are we doing here?”
Taecyeon smiled brightly at you and moved to open your door. “To play games of course.”
You cocked your head to the side and looked at the bright neon lit building. You didn’t even notice this arcade here and you drove passed it every day. “Of all the places to take me why bring me here. This isn’t really….” Your words were cut short when he grabbed your hand and pulled you toward the entrance.
“You look like you haven’t gone out to have fun in a long time. When I need a day out this is where I come. Come on, you will enjoy it.”
When you walked through the door you instantly felt over dressed in your name brand dress and heels. Honestly Unicorn Boy didn’t really fit in in his suit either. You couldn’t help but smile when you saw the goofy look cross his face as he bought game cards for you both. He looked over at you and as you watched a smirk cross his lips you plastered on your poker face. You can’t let him know you are having a good time, no matter how much fun this night turns out to be. Making up your mind was the easy part… actually keeping on your poker face? That only lasted about 10 minutes.
The moment you both started playing games and laughing together your frustration over everything was gone. You accused him of cheating in the racing games, and the shooting games, and you poked fun at him when you won the basketball and skeeball games. Despite your complaints you were sure he let you win at air hockey and the water balloon game.
You couldn’t remember the last time you had so much fun and by the time you and moved on to the go-karts you had completely let down your guard. You openly scrunched up your face and stuck out your tongue at him as he pulled passed you on the course and swore you would never let him win at mini golf.
You lined up and got ready to hit your ball when he started talking to you. “You look a lot better when you smile naturally.” You almost missed your ball completely and it bounced off at a strange angle not making it anywhere near the hole.
“You did that on purpose didn’t you?” You turned and scowled at him pointing back at your ball. “That is the worst form of cheating.”
He laughed and shook his head. “I wasn’t trying to make you miss.” He lined up his ball and turned back at you a smirk on his lips. “That was just an added bonus.”
Narrowing your eyes, you puffed out your cheeks and just looked at him. He knew exactly what to say to push your buttons. You had never met anyone who knew how to get you to react just like they wanted. He turned back after making a hole in one and walked up to pinch your cheek, which only made you gasp and bare your teeth with the thought of biting off his finger. “Then why?”
He stopped and looked back at you. “Why what?”
“Why did you want me to go out with you?”
He looked at you and shook his head. “I already told you, because I am interested in you.”
“Why?” You had never had anyone honestly say they were interested in you and not your father’s money, and honestly you were not sure how to take it. Should you really believe that he had no other reasons? Or should you take it as he is just trying to play you like the rest.
“I am not the root of all evil, you don’t need to look at me like that.” You snapped back out of your thoughts and looked at him. You weren’t sure if the look on his face was exasperation or if he was slightly hurt you still didn’t believe him. “Would you believe me if I said I wasn’t sure?”
You didn’t even think before the word “No.” left your lips.
He laughed and nodded. “I guess I can understand your distrust.”
“I wouldn’t call it distrust….” You trailed off and came to a stop. “No, I guess that is exactly what I would call it. No one has ever really given me a reason to trust other people, and most people just want to use me to get to my Father so I am a bit distrustful.”
He nodded and jumped in front of you. “Well you know I am Mr. Billionaire Bachelor, and I have no interest in your money. So can’t you at least give me a shot?” He watched you hopefully waiting for your response.
Should you give him a chance? What if he is just greedy and wants to add your fathers billions to his own? No, what would he do with that much money? But then again he is a man and they don’t need to have something to do with their money as long as they have it and can call themselves rich. But what if he is different? You had been hoping to find someone who wanted you for you. Then you began to think of everything you two have been through already and your nose scrunched up involuntarily. He has been nothing but rude to you since day one. “Why should I? You have been nothing but rude and cruel since I first met you. Why would I give you a chance if you can’t even be nice to me?”
A smirk settled on his face and he poked the tip of your nose. “Because you might deny it, but you like it.” He turned on his heels and started to walk away. “I will take that as a yes. Let’s get you home now, we have work tomorrow and I have already planned our date afterwards.”
You opened your mouth to protest but he had already started to walk away. Just what in the world were you getting yourself into with this man? With a loud exaggerated sigh, you quickly followed after him wondering why out of all the women in the world, he had decided to pick on you.
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