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LAPD has released images of the star's bedroom taken immediately following his 2009 death, and they make the tragedy even more real. The images show that Michael's bedroom wasn't over the top by any means; it was both modestly sized and decorated, considering his reputation for excessive spending. But among the sparse gold-colored and wooden furnishings were a startling number of medical supplies ― pill containers, bottles of the powerful anesthesia that caused his death, oxygen tanks, and an IV stand. In one photo, four large bottles of Propofol were lined up on a nightstand. In another, an empty bottle was casually discarded on the floor. One rather bizarre decorative choice to note, which was seen in a photo behind the IV stand, was a dresser with what appear to be advertisements featuring babies covering it. One large poster of an infant with the words "sweet baby" covered the front. Then more photos were on top, including one of Charlie Chaplin. cr:yomg
@shoenami well, this is Michael Jackson we are talking about.. He's not known for anything normal..
sorry, this is late, but that is probably thee most truthful thing I've ever read^
this is creepy.. what are the baby posters there for?