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How to Steal Hyungwon Fans, Jooheon way!

Watch video below by clicking on the vine link or just simply (click here)!

If you ask me that was very smooth!! hahaha

Guys I'm having Monsta X withdrawals so excuse me while I annoy you with my cards! :P

I just finished Right Now 馃槶馃槶馃槶 somebody hold me I need more MONSTA X.
@AnnahiZaragoza //slams fists on table// do it do it DO IT!!!! Your face will hurt so much from smiling and you'll gain an ab or two from giggling and cringing a lot 馃槀
Dude same here! It was hard for me to watch it the first time around because of school but I always made time for it; but now I want to marathon it!! :D @ArmyofKookie
@AnnahiZaragoza i watched episode one a while back then ran out of time because school ;---; you need to be 100% otherwise you'll die. I mean you'll die regardless but whatever XD @Meeshell *sprints into embrace and sobs* they've overloaded my system! HALP. TOO MUCH MONSTA IN MY X'D OUT HEART
*open arms* @ArmyofKookie kekeke XD!!! Ahhhh these guys are taking up my entire heart right now <3 <3 <3!
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