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Group Name: Hotshot
Debuted: October 31st, 2014 - Take A Shot
Latest Comeback: Their latest will be out soon! - Jelly
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Members: (6)
Name: Choi Jun hyuk
Stage Name: Junhyuk
Born: 1992
Position: Leader, Vocalist
Name: Kim Moon Kyu
Stage Name: Timoteo
Born: 1993
Position: Vocalist
Name: No Tae Hyun
Stage Name: Kid Monster
Born: 1993
Position: Vocalist, Sometimes a Rapper, Dancer
He was on Produce 101. He placed 25th in the end.
Name: Ha Sung Woon
Stage Name: Sungwoon
Born: 1994
Position: Vocalist
He was on Produce 101. He placed 11th in the end.
He made it into Wanna One.
Name: Yoon Sang Hyuk
Stage Name: Yoonsan
Born: 1994
Position: Rapper
Name: Go Ho Jeong
Stage Name: Hojeong
Born: 1994
Position: Maknae, Vocalist

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@ChaErica Please tag me in these cards, i love discovering new groups:)
@IsoldaPazo They have another music video and the song title is Midnight Sun. And then they have a song called Rain On Me (it doesn't have a MV), and so far that's all they have because they debuted in 2014.
@ChaErica yes please, I loved their music it was soft compared to the rest of kpop. And they sure are great eye candy for me and now my Mami smh jaja
@IsoldaPazo It's no problem! I love Timoteo's name too! Did you know he was supposed to be in EXO? But he left the group before they debuted because of a personal issue. Now he's debuted with HOTSHOT. Also if you'd like to know more songs by them let me know! I can let you know!
@ChaErica you're a life saver! I love Timoteo's name sounds so Boricua.
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