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Group Name: Hotshot
Debuted: October 31st, 2014 - Take A Shot
Latest Comeback: Their latest will be out soon! - Jelly
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Members: (6)
Name: Choi Jun hyuk
Stage Name: Junhyuk
Born: 1992
Position: Leader, Vocalist
Name: Kim Moon Kyu
Stage Name: Timoteo
Born: 1993
Position: Vocalist
Name: No Tae Hyun
Stage Name: Kid Monster
Born: 1993
Position: Vocalist, Sometimes a Rapper, Dancer
He was on Produce 101. He placed 25th in the end.
Name: Ha Sung Woon
Stage Name: Sungwoon
Born: 1994
Position: Vocalist
He was on Produce 101. He placed 11th in the end.
He made it into Wanna One.
Name: Yoon Sang Hyuk
Stage Name: Yoonsan
Born: 1994
Position: Rapper
Name: Go Ho Jeong
Stage Name: Hojeong
Born: 1994
Position: Maknae, Vocalist

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@IsoldaPazo As I said before the one in the yellow sweatshirt is Yoonsan the rapper. The one in shirt with blue and stripes is Sungwoon. Kid Monster is the one with the mask on. Junhyuk is the blonde one who is the first to sing, he's the leader. Timoteo is the one with purple hair. Hojung (Hojeong) is the one to sing at 1:24, he is the Maknae. My bias are Timoteo and Hojung! Also this is all for the first video. If you'd like me to tell you who they are again in the other two videos I can!
@ChaErica you're a life saver! I love Timoteo's name sounds so Boricua.
@IsoldaPazo It's no problem! I love Timoteo's name too! Did you know he was supposed to be in EXO? But he left the group before they debuted because of a personal issue. Now he's debuted with HOTSHOT. Also if you'd like to know more songs by them let me know! I can let you know!
@ChaErica yes please, I loved their music it was soft compared to the rest of kpop. And they sure are great eye candy for me and now my Mami smh jaja
@IsoldaPazo They have another music video and the song title is Midnight Sun. And then they have a song called Rain On Me (it doesn't have a MV), and so far that's all they have because they debuted in 2014.