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[As waited out sweet Sugas' One-Shot. Please take in mind i wrote this listening to Monsta Xs' Broken Heart, it gets me in my feels. Also this might be a little longer than the other two because I might have been a little biased, Yoongi is bae. ENJOY!] As the only child, there was always pressure on you. When you were born, for example, you were expected to be a boy, when you entered kindergarten, your parents expected you to learn the alphabet before anyone of your class, it took you until the second semester of kindergarten to learn it completely. Once in your 8th grade your parents expected you to come out of graduation with trophies, medals, certificates instead you didn't receive anything, you still passed though. At the moment your parents we're fighting, again. Except this time they both had a little over 6 shots. "IT IS ALL YOUR FAULT THAT SHE'S LIKE THIS!" "ALL YOU HAVE RIGHT NOW IS BECAUSE OF ME, WITHOUT ME NONE OF YOU WOULD HAVE WHAT YOU DO RIGHT NOW!" "I DON'T THINK SO. I ALWAYS THERE TO HELP HER." You really weren't a bad student, sure, you skipped some classes and hang around the 'wrong people' but you always managed to get A-B honors in everything without having to get a nerd to do things for you. As their screams got louder you curled into a small ball, shaking and tears streaming down your face. You couldn't stop yourself from crying every time they fought, you thought you would be used to it by now but your guess was always wrong. ~•Flashback to earlier today•~ Your phone rang as you heard your parents laughing done stairs. "Hello?" you asked into your phone, "Hey, do you want to go out today?" Yoongi, a friend of yours asked from the other line. "Sure, I might have to sneak out though, parents are drinking again and you of all people knows how they get when they are drunk." you explained a little quieter. "Yeah," a moment of silence, "so, at what time would be good?" He asked. "Whenever you can later today" you say with a smile on your face. "Alright, see you soon kid." You both hanged up. The thing about Yoongi was, he was three years older than you and he is part of the "wrong people" elders were always warning you about. At the moment he was an underground rapper, that was exactly how you met him actually, Your friends had dragged you to the downtown of your city to see this new rapper that they had found out about, There after seeing you look at him amazed by his rapping skills he asked you what your name was and since then, every time he saw you he would walk you to the park nearest to your house, A year later here you were. ~•End of Flashback•~ 'just a bit more, before he gets here.' you thought as you covered yourself with your blankets. Soon there was a crash down stairs. "LOOK AT WHAT YOU DID, YOU BASTARD" you heard your mother yell, you tried to silence out the sound of their yelling. Soon enough there was a small noise on your window. You rushed to open the window to find Yoongi standing there with a small apologetic smile playing on his lips. "Hurry, I can't wait here very long." you quickly grabbed your, well technically his hoodie, and climbed down the tree to where your dear Yoongi was waiting. As soon as your feet touched the ground you wrapped your arms around him and cried onto his jacket. "It's okay, everything is going to be fine. Come on, I have something special for today." He whispered into your hair as he detached you from himself. You walked with him hand in hand towards the streets full of lights. Everything was quiet, it wasn't awkward, It was refreshing. The kind of quiet that everyone can stand. "I'm sorry I wasn't there earlier." He suddenly says, "I tried but these punks tried something today and I... yeah..." you knew he had gotten into a fight, you knew him like the back of your hand, he was an open book to you, as you we're to him. "Thank you. If it wasn't for you I would still have been crying." you said as you turned to him. You both smile to each other sadly. Yoongi turns and starts walking again, "Lets run away." he states, you look at him shocked. "Run away?" you repeated. "Yes, lets go somewhere where nobody knows us. Lets start over. Live together." he mumbled the last part, "Never mind." You made him stop, "Lets run away, yes." you said looking deeply into his eyes, before smiling. You both sneaked into your soon-to-be old houses and grabbed whatever you needed and some money before catching a bus and leaving the place you both grew in for a new start. You weren't sure you we're doing the right thing but you were sire you would be happy.
Well!! this tool awhile didn't it?? anyways thanks for reading as always and stay tuned for more BTS One Shots! this is (3/7) Next will be our jamless, Jimin! @CrystalGuerra @falselove yeah I guess I will be tagging people now. Please ask!
@DesireeChucklez I'm sorry I should have put a warning 😕 @Izzy987 , @IsisMayaVelasco , @SugaMint , @amberg171997 I will tag you guys too!! thanks for requesting! sorry for the late reply but I had school 😔 Hope you guys are excited for the Jimin one! this made me so happy actually that a lot of you guys have been liking and clipping my One-Shots 😆😆😁😮😄 THANKS YOUUU~!
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