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Last night, I was having dinner with a friend who is currently studying English as her second language, and I said the word 'nerd'. Obviously, this isn't a word that you read about in your language textbooks, so she asked me to describe what a nerd is.
I told her that nerds are the socially awkward kids in school who get straight As and know a lot about a certain subject, like math or some sort of science - and that no one hangs out with them because they're a nerd. She asked me why 'nerd' was a bad thing. After all, knowledge only helps us become successful in life, doesn't it?
I honestly didn't know what to say. Why is intelligence something we make fun of?
I'm not sure why. I guess it's because people find a way to make other people feel bad for having something they don't have? if that makes any sense
@petname83 Bahahaha, whenever my friends would eat those Nerd candies in school, I'd be like "You are what you eat!" or "Omg, cannibalism! Nerd eating Nerds!"
I feel like it's a cultural thing. And I think the term is pretty recent too.
I guess some people take it for granted. Like my friends and I call each other geeks and nerds all the time, but it's just for fun. I guess when other people, that we don't normally socialize with, call us that, they mean it as an insult because they feel intimidated by what we know.
I'm a nerd, but since I don't look like one people don't mess with me. my sister says I have the aura of a gangster and that's why people don't approach me lol @danidee
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