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Seven is usually a lucky number, but for fans on June 12, it was the number to hate. On June 12, the ticketing for the 2012 Shinhwa Grand Finale: The Classic in Seoul began at 8PM (KST) on the ticketing website, Interpark. With so many people trying to access the ticketing site at once, Interpark servers crashed within seven minutes, frustrating many fans and continued to be unstable throughout the night. According to Shinhwa Company on June 13, 27,000 seats were sold out within five minutes since ticketing began with fans scurrying to pick up whatever was left behind, if any. This isn’t the first time Shinhwa has done this. For the last concerts in Seoul of its tour, Shinhwa promised a larger stage that will allow the members to come closer to the audience. The group will also perform songs from its 11th album The Classic, which haven’t been showcased on the stage in Korea yet. The concert will take place at the Olympic Park Gymnastics Hall on August 3 and 4. Meanwhile, Shinhwa will be headed off to Shanghai for its tour on June 22 to perform at the Mercedes-Benz Arena. Definitely the power of Shinhwa.
@MasriDaniela Awww, I know, sis. It's too far for me too.
@YinofYang i have no hope too faaaar for me :(((((
I am totally not surprised. I would love to see them in concert one day.
good for u guys !!!! ^_^