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From the anime Freezing, Student Council President of West Genetics Academy, "The Unmatched Smiling Monster" Chiffon Fairchild ("Aoi" real last name)
Chiffon is the #1 ranked of all the third years, as well as being one of the world top 5 ranking Pandoras, ranking in at #1, the strongest Pandora in the world!
She may have the nickname "Unmatched Smiling Monster" but she is a very kind hearted person who if she could have it her way there would be no fighting or violence. Though extremely rare, Chiffon can also be sadistic and cold-hearted when her tolerance reaches its limit or her anger is at an apex. She had done so, years before the start of the series, when her 1st friend Aureriel was assassinated and died in her arms. This causing her to identify and kill all of the assassins, leaving a trail of blood and death in her wake.
I don't want to go to far into her background so I don't spoil anything for the people who are not familiar with the show. But I will say is that she is a "True Pandora" and if you want to know what that means then go watch the show!!!
And she is just....ughh..just look at her! YES!! How could you not appreciate this girl!!!!
Thanks for checking out my card again and if you haven't made your own, get on it!! Give me a like and/or comment if you enjoyed!!! Till next time! @hikaymm sorry I keep on forgetting the rest of the {WW} crew and I'm to lazy to go back and figure it out.
her death 😢😩😭😭
@ChristianRankmo Right!!! The one I didn't want to die!! Even though it was a badass death.