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This is what Heaven looks like...

Today is National Puppy Day so post a picture of your dog or go to the pet store and play with a puppy! It's all about cuddling up to man's best friend because they're so adorably irresistible. Even though every day seems to be a different bizarre holiday, National Puppy Day really has the loudest bark...pun intended. Puppies are so freaking cute and I can say with firm confidence that there is no shame with googling puppy pictures and watching funny puppy vines. It's the best pastime in the world. So below I have given you 10 super lovable puppy gifs with a fun fact to match.
Enjoy your day!

1. Touch is the first sense puppies feel after being born.

2. Every nose print of a dog is unique to its own.

3. Puppies are born without teeth.

4. Yep, they like to sniff butts to say hello.

5. Colleen Paige is the founder of National Puppy Day.

6. The first puppy was born 31,700 years ago.

7. A 1 year old puppy is the equivalent to a 15 year old human.

8. Over 6.2 million puppies are born in the United States each year, according to SheKnows.

9. Puppies can smell 1,000 times better than humans.

10. Puppies spend 90% of their first week of life sleeping.

Hahaha, I like that she calls herself 'the brainchild of worldwide holidays'. How do I sign up for that job?!
oh man I wish I was a puppy. forever a puppy. sleeping and looking cute all day long
@danidee I definitely encourage you to check out her accomplishments, she's pretty awesome!!about/c1ger
I love that my bday is National Puppy Day...but she lost me at National Living Room Day. For real??
Who is Colleen Paige? Does she work for some sort of humane society?