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We're a wacky fandom, but aren't we glorious?!

Here are a few signs that you're definitely a Starlight:

You know Leo is an actual kitten.

When people say "bean" this is what you think of.

You get really into saying "its Raaaavi" before the rap breaks.

No matter what mood you were in before, if Error comes on you get super emotional.

Hakyeon's grease is just a part of life.

You arent really sure if you remember the plot from Moorim School...just that Hongbin is shirtless half the time.

You know Leo cheats at rock paper scissors every time.

You say ottokaji a lot.

You freak out your family when you say 'I need therapy' a lot.

You still deny the fact that Hyuk is a man child now.

Dark concepts are what you live for.

You don't talk about this day.


@TesneemElAlami THE POWER OF VIXX. 😆
@kpopandkimchi yay!!! I think vixx was the fastest Fandom that I got into...
I strongly deny Manhyuk so much these days that it's kind of crazy
IT'S RAVIIIIIIIIIIIIII is my life announcement for anything and everything I do 👏 *HUGS EVERY STARLIGHT I LOVE YOU*
so true! Especially the therapy and ottokaji part XD
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